Summer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The goal of ALEOOOP’s summer program is to provide a safe and secure environment, filled with fun, laughter and lasting friendships!

The following Question and Answer sheet has been designed for those parents considering the ALEOOOP program for their children.  We hope to answer some of the “common” question that we, Allendale parents that serve on the board, hear from resident parents.

What is the ALEOOOP summer program?

ALEOOOP summer program is a non-profit, community-based program offered to all Allendale children entering kindergarten through 8th grade.  Each day your child is involved in exciting age-appropriate activities, including Friday ‘theme’ days.

Who runs the ALEOOOP summer program?

ALEOOOP is managed by a board consisting of Allendale parents that oversee both the ALEOOOP summer and after school programs.  The ALEOOOP summer program is administered by co-directors, Brian Beluzzi and Jenn Lederman , two Northern Highlands teachers.   All special activities are taught by certified staff teachers who share their experience and creativity with your child.  It is a pleasure for us to have some of the Hillside Teaching Staff as part of our ALEOOOP Team!

I’m concerned with my child walking to Crestwood Lake.  What safeguards are in place to ensure my child’s safety?

All counselors are required to participate in a  safety class with the Allendale Police Department, and the safest route is mapped out by the officers.  While at the lake, your child can participate in Crestwood Lake swim lessons, their group swim (limited areas for kindergarten) or can have fun playing on the beach!  Certified lifeguards, ALEOOOP senior staff members, in addition to the group counselors are on hand to supervise the children.

What happens if my child gets sick, or requires medical attention at summer ALEOOOP?

ALEOOOP hires a professional, certified nurse that is on duty everyday onsite. If a child

Have a great summer at ALEOOOP

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